About Us

The Economics Tutor Dubai teachers work on exam techniques especially solving past paper questions, exam keywords, writing skills that incorporate the appropriate Economics terms, case studies, theories and their application etc

Our Teachers

ETD(Economics Tutor Dubai) is the premier Economics tutoring academy and learning center based in Dubai. ETD specialize in Economics tutoring for UK/US/IB Boards such as Edexcel / AQA / CIE in Dubai. The Business and Economics tutors in Dubai are licensed, qualified and highly experienced teachers in Dubai curriculum. The Economics lessons focus on detailed concept explanation in a private/one-on-one tuition mode, followed by past paper practice and solving in small groups.

Our Classes

Majority of the students opt for the regular Economics tutoring classes. These lessons incorporate comprehensive Economics syllabus coverage. The Business tuitions are offered in a blended mode with a perfect mix of private and small group lessons. The course is taught in a systematic manner closely following the regular school studies. The tuitions help students to get advanced knowledge of the topics that are covered in the schools. Regular Economics tutoring is offered on all the days of the week.

Our Programs

All universities programs in the UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) teach economics. However, they cover different levels of economics and use a wide variety of course names. A list of common courses/titles is provided below: Introductory Economics, Intermediate Economics, Advanced Economics, Financial Economics, Principles of Economics, Management Economics, Cost Economics, Managerial Economics etc